Editorial Process

At Chicken Fans, we strive to get you the latest, accurate, and trustworthy information on chickens and poultry.

To accomplish this goal we:

Here is how this works.


At Chicken Fans, we want to provide you with accurate information. The internet is full of information on chickens, sometimes from questionable sources. We only select trustworthy sources and train every contributor to adhere to our high journalistic standards.

Some examples of sources that we use are:

All our articles are double or triple-checked by editors before publication.

For product reviews, we use the products to see how they perform and behave in real-life situations with backyard chickens. We don’t just take anything for granted or copy the vendor’s statements.

Furthermore, all our health articles are reviewed by members of the medical review team.

Medical Poultry Experts

Some of our health articles provide treatments, supplements, or medication information.

These treatments are based provided or, at minimum, medically reviewed by licensed veterinarians with poultry expertise.

Medication, vaccination, and specific treatment for the disease can vary per country. We always try to provide accurate information on geographical regions to the best of our knowledge. We cooperate with veterinarians, researchers, biologists, and nutritional experts worldwide.


We carefully select everybody who is contributing to our website. That includes veterinarians, writers, and editors. Providing quality content is vital.

All our articles are in-depth and thoroughly researched before publishing. When we discuss topics without scientific consensus, we indicate when we share our personal preferences. If we provide links to product items in an article, there is a clear statement to be found on top of each affiliate article.

All content is checked before publishing to ensure it meets our high standards. These standards include the correctness of the information, objective writing, the use of understandable language, and the use of quality sources.

Our articles have to be understandable and accessible to everybody who visits our website. We focus on readability and clarity to ensure our style is comprehensible to all readers.

Continuous Integration and Monitoring

All our articles are reviewed before and after publishing. We stay on top of every written post to ensure we provide our readers with the latest news and adjust the articles accordingly.

Our goal is to stay up-to-date and provide the latest information on all that’s happening in the chicken community. Updating our content is necessary as some information and recommendations change over time.

We perform regular updates and audits of our content to ensure all articles remain up to date.