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Respiratory Issues
Dry Fowl Pox
Dry Fowlpox

Dry Fowlpox is a severe skin infection causing black spots, pimples and scabs on the chicken’s comb.

Eye infected with Infectious Coryza
Infectious Coryza

IC is a respiratory disease causing sneezing, facial swelling, closed eyes, and difficulty breathing.

Infectious Bronchitis
Infectious Bronchitis

IBD is a respiratory disease that causes sneezing, nasal discharge, gurgling and watery eyes

Chicken with Chronic Respiratory Disease
Chronic Respiratory Disease

CRD is a respiratory disease causing watery eyes, discharge, cough, and gurgling sounds.

Ill sick with Fowl Cholera
Fowl Cholera

Fowl Cholera is a severe bacterial disease that causes blood poisoning and chronic infections.

Wet Fowl Pox
Wet Fowlpox

Wet Fowlpox is an infection causing yellowish plaques in the mouth making it difficult to swallow.

Infectious Laryngotracheitis
Infectious Laryngotracheitis

ILT is a respiratory infection causing gasping, gurgling, sneezing and coughing blood.


Cocci is is a severe parasitic infection of the intestines causing bloody diarrhea and falling over

Marek's Disease in Chickens
Marek’s Disease

Marek’s is a viral disease that causes paralysis, tumors, blindness and brain damage

Newcastle Disease in Chickens
Newcastle Disease

Newcastle is a viral disease causing gasping, spasms, stumbling, paralysis and green, bloody diarrhea

Scaly Leg Mites
Scaly Leg Mites

Leg mites are microscopic critters nestling under the scales of the legs, causing crusty skin

Favus on chicken comb

Favus or ringworm is a fungal disease that causes white powdery spots on a chicken’s comb

Egg Yolk Peritonitis
Egg Yolk Peritonitis

EYP is an inflammation due to egg yolk released in the body, causing penguin-like stance and malformed eggs

Swollen belly of a chicken due to ascites
Water Belly (Ascites)

Ascites is a severe condition where leaking fluid causes a swollen belly and difficulty breathing

Chicken swab beak

Canker is a parasitic diease causing cheesy yellowish patches in the back of the mouth

Chicken with botulism laying on the ground

Botulism is a severe intoxination causing paralysis, droopy wings, and difficult breathing

Pasty Butt
Pasty Butt

Pasty Butt is a condition where the chick’s tiny poophole is clogged up with dried stool

Chicken with enlarged crop suffering from sour crop
Sour Crop

Sour crop is a yeast infection of the chicken’s crop causing white patches in the mouth

Salmonella infection in chickens
Salmonella infection

Salmonella infections in chickens cause white diarrhea and can infect humans

Chicken next to lake with algae
Algae poisoning

Algae poisoning can cause organ failure and result in sudden death in less than an hour

Egg bound chicken in penguin stance
Egg bound

Egg binding is an emergency situation when an egg gets physically stuck inside the oviduct

polish chicken with scissor beak
Scissor Beak

Cross beak is when the upper and lower beak don’t align making it difficult to drink and eat

small chick with spraddle legs and bandage
Spraddle Legs

Spraddle legs or splay legs is a tendon injury causing the legs to splay so the chick can’t stand upright

Vent of a chicken with vent gleet
Vent Gleet

Vent gleet is a fungal infection of the cloaca causing cluttered feathers on the vent

Chicken with wry neck
Wry Neck

Wry neck is a crooked neck that results in an abnormal head position, it’s actually asymptom

close up of bumblefoot in a chicken

Bumblefoot is a staph infection causing a core on the footpad that can cause systemic infection

infographic of prolapsed vent in chickens
Prolapsed Vent

Vent prolapse is a condition where the cloaca protrudes outside the body, making it vulnerable for infections

chicken with severe eye infection
Eye Infection

Eye infection or conjunctivitis is an infection of the membrane covering the eye’s surface

chicken with frostbite
Frost Bite

Frostbite occurs when the comb and wattles freeze and turn black due to cold temperatures