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Explore Best Egg Layers

Most backyard chicken enthusiasts love their flock for the daily amount of eggs they give them. Whether you keep the eggs for your own use or want to sell a couple of dozen of eggs per week to make up for the food cost, that’s completely up to you!

But when looking for new additions for your backyard flock, it’s best to know their egg-laying skills in advance!!

All breeds in this list lay more than 200 eggs per year. That’s a minimum of four eggs per week!

Explore Best Meat Chickens

Many chicken breeds available were originally bred as dual-purpose breeds. Meaning they can be kept for both eggs and meat. So you’ll find some of our best egg layers in this list.

All meat birds in this list are good egg layers, laying around 150 – 200 eggs annually and more. That’s still a decent number of eggs per week.

Explore Unique Looking Chickens

Some breeds are the best of both worlds! They’re excellent egg layers and have the looks of a superstar! Maybe you want to show them off on social media, or you just want a colorful and diverse backyard flock. These breeds are not that common; some are fairly new, and some are a bit harder to find. But all have a unique look.

Explore Colorful Egg Layers

Some chicken breeds lay the most colorful eggs. If you want an addition to the white, cream, and brown eggs in your fridge, try and look for these breeds instead.

But keep in mind this is not a certainty to getting Instagram-proof eggs! The only way to find out what color your hens lay is to wait until the first egg pops out. But you will have a higher chance of getting neat-looking eggs with the following breeds.

Green Queen
Sapphire Gem
araucana chicken
(Light blue)
a cream legbar hen
Cream Legbar
a young fibro breed
Fibro Easter Egger (Varies in color)
a barnevelder chicken
(Dark Brown)
close up from an easter egger chicken
Easter Egger (Varies in color)
Americana (Varies in color)

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