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Cluck-O-Ween: Free Chicken Coloring Pages for Halloween

By Chicken Fans Editorial Team

If you’re a parent searching for a creative activity to keep those tiny hands busy, you’ve landed at the right place.

We’ve crafted a collection of free coloring pages for children (and their parents). So grab your crayons, and let’s make this Halloween weekend cluck-tastic!

Chirpy chefs whip up Halloween delights!

Age5-10 years
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In the heart of Chirpy Hollow, three little chicks – Lulu, Mimi, and Pip – discovered an ancient cookbook belonging to Granny Hoot, the wise old owl of the forest. Curiosity piqued, they decided to spend a day recreating the magical recipes mentioned in the book. The word quickly spread throughout Chirpy Hollow about the chicks’ magical kitchen. Animals from all around came to taste and marvel at the treats. And thus, every Halloween, the kitchen of Lulu, Mimi, and Pip became the heart of celebrations, where magic was not just in the air but also on the plate.

Enchanted Coop: The Fairy’s Halloween Visit

Age5-10 years
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In the quiet village of Featheridge, there was a special chicken coop that held a secret. Every Halloween night, as the moon shone bright and stars twinkled in delight, a gentle fairy named Elara would visit the coop. With a touch of her wand, she’d sprinkle magic dust, turning ordinary eggs into shimmering golden ones. The chickens, in awe of this mystical event, would gather around, their eyes wide with wonder. This year, young chick Luna decided to leave a gift for Elara: a handcrafted crown made of twigs and berries. As midnight approached, the coop was filled with anticipation. Would Elara love the gift? The night was young, and magic was about to unfold.​

Clucklight Theater: The Pumpkin Play

Age5-10 years
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In the vibrant town of Cluckville, every Halloween, the chickens perform a grand theatrical performance known as the “Pumpkin Play.” The stage, set amidst the golden haystacks, was lit by lanterns, creating a magical ambiance. This year’s play was extra special, as the lead role was played by young chick Charley, who was to portray the legendary Pumpkin King. The entire coop buzzed with excitement, with chickens dressed in their finest costumes, rehearsing lines, and preparing props. Little did they know, the real Pumpkin King had plans to make a surprise appearance that night, bringing a touch of real magic to the performance. As the curtain rose, the air was thick with anticipation, and the audience was in for a treat they’d never forget!​

Moonlit Harvest: The Coop’s Halloween Celebration

Age6-11 years
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In the tranquil lands of Moonbeam Meadow, the chicken coop stood as the heart of all festivities. Each Halloween, under the soft glow of the crescent moon, the chickens celebrated the “Moonlit Harvest.” This wasn’t just any harvest; it was when the magical golden corn, known to grant wishes, was ready to be picked. The coop was decorated with twinkling lanterns, and the night echoed with melodious clucks and songs. Young chick Clara, with her shimmering feathers, had a special wish this year. She hoped to find the rarest cob, the “Starlit Corn,” said to hold the power of a thousand wishes. As the night progressed, adventures unfolded, friendships strengthened, and dreams came true in the most unexpected ways.​

Mystical Meadow: The Chicken’s Enchanted Evening

Age6-100 years
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Nestled on the edge of Whispering Woods was a meadow like no other, known as the “Mystical Meadow.” Every Halloween, when the sky was painted in twilight hues, the meadow would come alive with magic. The usually ordinary mushrooms transformed into luminous, enchanted toadstools, casting a gentle glow all around. This year, the chickens of Featherbrook Farm decided to explore this magical realm. Led by adventurous chick Benny, they danced around the glowing mushrooms, played hide and seek, and even tried their hand (or wing) at casting little spells. Little did they know, these mushrooms held ancient secrets and might just have a few surprises in store. As the night deepened, the meadow revealed its wonders, making it an evening the chickens would cherish forever.​​

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