Sapphire Olive Egger: Things To Know

By Chicken Fans Editorial Team

If you’re tired of boring white eggs in your egg carton, say hello to the Sapphire Olive Egger! This hybrid chicken looks amazing with its blue plumage and tufted head and lays amazing olive-colored eggs.

So, why settle for an ordinary chicken when you can have a Sapphire Olive Egger in your backyard?

  • Blue plumage and tuft on their head
  • Friendly and docile
  • Hardy in all climates
  • Sapphire Olive Egger hens lay up to 290 eggs yearly
  • Olive-colored eggs
Eggs290 eggs per year
Egg ColorOlive
Egg SizeX-Large
Weight6 – 7 lbs
TemperamentFriendly and docile
ColorBlue (grey to light grey)


The Sapphire Olive Egger has a beautiful grey to light grey plumage called “blue” in the chicken industry. They have a distinct tuft on their head, adding to their unique appearance.

This hybrid is easy on the eyes with its blue feathering and irresistible tuft. It’s a wonderful egg layer and adapts well to any climate, especially warmer ones, making them very popular with chicken keepers in all climates.

the crest on a sapphire olive egger chicken
Credits: @walnut_hollow_farm_tn (IG)

While the Sapphire Olive Egger is a great hybrid chicken, it’s not perfect eighter. Not all chickens will look the same or will lay olive-colored eggs. Always keep this in mind before completing your purchase. While most Sapphire Olive Eggers are crested, some will not be. Most lay olive green eggs; some will lay light brown eggs.

It is also important to note that this imperfection applies not only to the Sapphire Olive Egger but to most hybrid chickens. There will always be a small percentage not meeting the standard.

They are medium-sized to large, with roosters weighing around 7 pounds and hens around 6 pounds.

Difference Between Sapphire Olive Egger and Sapphire Gem

Sapphire Olive Eggers look much like other Sapphire or blue-colored chickens, like a Sapphire Gem and its cousin, a Sapphire Splash, but they are different.

Firstly, a Sapphire Olive Egger is not a sex-linked chicken, meaning its gender can’t be determined immediately after hatching, unlike a Sapphire Gem. Sapphire Gems are blue sex-linked hybrids where roosters are born barred and with a white dot on the head.

Secondly, Sapphire Olive Eggers lay green-colored eggs, while Sapphire Gems and Splash are brown egg layers.

a sapphire olive egger rooster
Credits: @walnut_hollow_farm_tn (IG)

Thirdly, Sapphire Olive Eggers are a color variety of Olive Eggers, created by the hatchery. Gems are a cross of a Blue Plymouth Rock father and a Barred Plymouth Rock mother.

But the main difference you can immediately spot is found in the crest. Sapphire Gems and Splash do not have a crested head, while Sapphire Olive Eggers do.

Sapphire Olive Egger Breed Profile

The Sapphire Olive Egger is a hybrid chicken, not a real chicken breed. Hoover’s Hatchery created them by crossing two unknown chickens.

The hatchery does not reveal which breeds or hybrids were used to create the Sapphire Olive Egger, although it is believed by some chicken keepers to be a cross of Sapphire Gems or Cream Legbars and Olive Eggers. The hatchery does not confirm this.

The name ‘Sapphire Olive Egger’ was registered as a trademark by Hoover’s Hatchery in September 2021. The hatchery currently still sells this breed, along with other blue chickens, like the Sapphire Gem and the Sapphire Splash.

a young sapphire olive egger
Credits: @walnut_hollow_farm_tn (IG)

Egg Production

One of the main reasons people choose to keep chickens in their backyard is the fresh batch of eggs every day. And the Sapphire Olive Egger does not disappoint in this aspect.

These chickens are prolific egg layers, with hens producing up to 290 eggs yearly. That’s more than five eggs per week.

All eggs are typically large to extra large in size and either brown or olive-colored. Most Sapphire Olive Eggers lay olive-colored eggs, but there will be a small percentage of brown egg layers.

a sapphire olive egger pullet
Credits: @anniecroissant (IG)

The egg production rate of the Sapphire Olive Egger is impressive, making them a popular choice among chicken keepers.

Although they can go broody occasionally, they are not as prone to broodiness as many other breeds.


Sapphire Olive Eggers are friendly and docile chickens. They are known to be calm, get along well with other chickens, and are easy to handle.

But they are also active chickens, so make sure they have plenty of space to roam around.

Sapphire Olive Eggers are both cold and heat-hardy and can adapt to warm temperatures better than many other hybrid chickens. They can be kept in most environments.


The Sapphire Olive Egger is a hybrid chicken known for its blue plumage and distinctive tuft on its head. Created by Hoover’s Hatchery by crossing various breeds, this hardy and docile chicken is a great addition to any backyard flock.

One of the most striking features of the Sapphire Olive Egger is its egg-laying ability, producing an impressive 290 extra-large olive or brown eggs per year.

Credits Featured Image: @walnut_hollow_farm_tn (IG)

Related Questions

What is a Sapphire Olive Egger chicken?

A Sapphire Olive Egger is a relatively new hybrid chicken created by Hoover’s Hatchery. They’re an olive egger mix that lays olive-colored eggs and has blue plumage.

What color eggs do Sapphire Olive Egger hens lay?

Sapphire Olive Eggers lay large to extra large olive-colored eggs. However, it’s important to note that around 5% of Sapphire Olive Eggers will lay brown eggs.

How many eggs do Sapphire Olive Eggers lay?

Sapphire Olive Egger hens are fabulous egg layers. They lay around 290 eggs yearly, that’s more than 5 eggs per week.

Are Sapphire Olive Egger chickens cold-hardy?

Yes. Sapphire Olive Eggers are both cold and heat-hardy and adapt well to any climate, especially warmer ones. This means they can be kept in any climate.

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