Swedish Black Hen: A Rare Black Breed Profile

By Chicken Fans Editorial Team

Discover the Svart Hona, Sweden’s intriguing contribution to the poultry world. Known for its all-black appearance and resilient nature, the Swedish Black Hen embodies a remarkable blend of mystery and adaptability.

Let’s go over it’s main takeaways.

  • Swedish Black hens lay between 80 and 100 eggs yearly
  • Swedish landrace
  • Completely black, including organs and bones
  • Very rare breed
EggsBetween 80-100 eggs yearly
Egg ColorWhite
Egg SizeSmall
Weight3 lbs – 4 lbs
HardinessCold hardy
TemperamentActive and friendly


The Svart Hona, also referred to as the Swedish Black Hen, is known for its striking all-black look, a result of the fibromelanistic trait that is also carried by other black breeds like the Ayam Cemani, Kadaknath, or Silkie.

The black color affects not only their feathers but also their skin, beak, and internal organs. This hyperpigmentation creates a stunning visual effect.

The breed is relatively small and sleek in stature. Roosters of the Svart Hona breed are typically lightweight, weighing in at around 4 lbs. Hens weigh around 3.5 lbs.

Their distinct appearance and rarity make the Swedish black chicken a must-have in any backyard.


The Swedish Black Hen has a unique feature called fibromelanosis. This genetic trait causes everything, from its feathers to its internal organs, to be a deep black color. It’s not just a surface look; the black color goes right to the bone, literally!

Originally from Asia, this gene popped up over 800 years ago. It’s not just the Svart Hona that has it – other chickens like the Ayam Cemani and the Kadaknath carry it too. It makes these breeds highly popular but also very expensive.

The deep black color has, therefore, caught the attention of many hatcheries. They’ve been inspired to experiment with this genetic trait, creating hybrid chickens that are completely black. Common examples of these hatchery-created black chickens are the Mystic Onyx and Fibro Easter Egger.

a fibro easter egger compared to a svart hona or swedish black hen, chicken breed

This means more people can have cool-looking, completely black chickens without breaking the bank. The Svart Hona is pretty rare and costs more, but these new mixed breeds are a great option for chicken lovers who love the unique black color but have a tighter budget.


The eggs of the Swedish Black Hen are pretty interesting. Even though the hens are completely black, inside and outside, their eggs are white or cream-colored. These eggs are on the smaller side than what you might see from other chickens, but they have pretty big yolks for their size.

Svart Hona chickens don’t lay a ton of eggs. You can expect about 80 to 100 eggs from them each year, which is less than many other chicken breeds.

Also, because Svart Honas are rare chickens, their eggs are pretty rare too. If you get your hands on some Svart Hona eggs, it’s kind of unique, since they’re not something you come across every day.

Where To Buy Svart Hona Chickens?

If you’re interested in purchasing Svart Hona chickens, one of the most recognized sources in the United States is Greenfire Farms, a non-commercial hatchery specializing in rare and unique breeds.

Greenfire Farms played a pivotal role in bringing the Svart Hona to the U.S.; they first imported a pair of Swedish Black Hens in 2012 and later brought in additional, unrelated stock in 2013. This effort was crucial in ensuring that authentic Swedish Black Hens, directly from their native country, were introduced to the US.

It’s important to note that Svart Hona chickens are more expensive than laying hens. You might expect to pay around $70 for an unsexed chick.

Apart from Greenfire Farms, it’s possible to find Svart Hona chickens through other specialty breeders focusing on rare breeds. However, due diligence is recommended to ensure that you get true Svart Honas, especially given the cost and rarity of these chickens.


Svart Hona chickens are known for their calm and friendly nature. They’re generally easygoing, not too skittish, and good with people, which makes them great for backyard flocks.

They get along well with other chickens, too, so they’re a good choice if you have a mixed flock. Each chicken has its personality, but overall, Svart Honas are nice, easy to handle, and not aggressive.


The Svart Hona, also known as the Swedish Black Hen, is a rare breed famous for its all-black appearance due to a trait called fibromelanosis. Despite their unique look, they lay ordinary white or cream-colored eggs in modest amounts.

These chickens are sought after for their rarity and distinctive look. So, remember that Swedish black hens are rare and, therefore, more expensive than normal laying hens.

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