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What Do You Call a Group of Chickens?

By Chicken Fans Editorial Team

A group of chickens is a flock. A group of baby chicks that hatched together is a brood of chicks.

On top of that, several other collective nouns also refer to a group of chickens.

All Names for Groups of Chickens

The word flock is by far the most common collective noun for any group of chickens.

Other terms refer to specific arrangements:

  • A flock of chickens is a group of chickens that live together
  • A brood of chicks is a group of baby chicks that hatched together
  • A clutch is a group of eggs or the group of hatchlings that just hatched
  • A bachelor flock is a group of roosters (male chickens) living together
  • A trio of chickens is a single rooster with two hens
  • A peep of chicks is a group of baby chicks, the same as a brood
  • A mixed flock is a group of chickens mixed with other fowl, like ducks
  • The offspring of a hen are the children of the hen
  • The pedigree of a chicken is the family tree with parents and relatives

Less common words for a group of chickens are:

  • A chattering of chicks is a group of chirping baby chicks
  • A mews of capons is a group of castrated cockerels
  • A brood of hens is a group of grown-up chicks coming from the same brood
  • A clan of chickens is a group of chickens separated for breeding and mating

Flock is also the common name for a group of birds. There is no specific word for chickens like there is for other fowl like geese (gaggle) and peacocks (muster).

The number of chickens does not matter. A flock can refer to a few backyard chickens as well as numerous chickens on a farm.

Trio of chickens
Trio of chickens

Collective nouns for a Group of Chickens vs. Fowl

While a group of chickens doesn't have a specific collective noun, there are several other words for fowl related to chickens.

AnimalGroup Name
DucksRaft, Team, Paddling, Badling
GeeseGaggle, Skein, Herd, Corps
PartridgesCovey, Bew
PeacocksMuster, Party, Ostentation
PheasantsBouquet, Nest, Nye
QuailsCovey, Bevy
SwansBevy, Bank, Herd, Wedge

Origin of the term Flock of Chickens

The term flock is not only applicable to a group of chickens. The general term refers to any group of birds that forage or travel together. The behavior of swarming together is called flocking.

Flocking can happen on the ground when foraging or in flight. A flock of birds can form beautiful shapes and patterns in the sky. The birds protect each other from predators and search for food together.

The term flock is also used for other groups of animals, like sheep or goats. To make it even more universal, flocking is also used for humans: people can flock together.

The origin of the word traces back to the Old English word flocc, a generic term used for a herd, group, or troop. The Old English word is derived from the Primitive Germanic word flukkaz, which means crowd.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you call a group of chickens?

A group of chickens is a flock of chickens. Flock is a common word to refer to a group of birds. There is no specific word for chickens. A group of chicks (baby chickens) is called a brood or a peep of chicks.

What do you call a group of roosters?

A group of roosters (male chickens) living together is called a bachelor flock. Unwanted male chicks can't stay together with the hens and are moved to a bachelor flock. Bachelor flocks are also used for breeding to keep the roosters separate from the hens out of the mating season.

What do you call a flock of baby chickens?

A group of chicks that hatched together is a brood or a peep of chicks, with a single chick being a peep. A clutch is a group of hatchlings just out of the egg. A chattering of chicks is a group of chirping chicks.

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