The Top 6 Reasons to Include Broccoli In Your Chicken’s Diet

By Chicken Fans Editorial Team

Broccoli is a nutritional powerhouse for chickens. The green vegetable is packed with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and fibers that are vital for the chicken’s metabolism.

The nutrient profile of broccoli is off the charts. Just take a quick glance at the contents of broccoli and compare them with the daily recommended intake for Laying Hens:

100g BroccoliAmount% DV Laying Hen
Calories34 kcal ~11 %
Water89,3 g
Protein2,82 g~15 %
Carbs6,64 g
Fiber0,5 g
Sugar1,7 g~6%
Vitamin A623 IU~21%
Vitamin C89,2 mg~90%
Vitamin B6 175 µg~6%
Vitamin E0,78 g~5,8%
Vitamin K16,4 µg~3,4%
Potassium316 mg
Calcium47 mg~ 1%
Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture

It’s clear that broccoli is rich in micronutrients. Let’s dig a little bit deeper to see what these numbers actually mean in terms of health benefits for your flock.

Here are the top 6 health benefits of broccoli for chickens.

1. Broccoli Boosts a Chicken’s Immune System

Broccoli is full of vitamin C, an essential element of the chicken’s immune system. Optimal vitamin C levels prevent various illnesses and respiratory diseases, especially when suffering from heat stress.

Many people associate vitamin C with fruit like oranges or strawberries, but broccoli brings all the vitamins without the dreaded sugars. A small 100-gram serving of broccoli provides a laying hen with almost all of its optimal vitamin C nutrition.

On top of that, broccoli is rich in vitamins E and A. Both are powerful antioxidants that fight off infections.

Chicken looking at broccoli

2. Broccoli Boosts Healthy Muscle Development

Scientific research based on broiler chickens fed with broccoli stem-and-leaf meal report quality improvements in chicken meat. The breast muscles were much more able to hold onto water in the muscle fibers.

Chickens that got 8 to 12 percent of broccoli meals in their diet had much healthier muscles. The only side effect of the broccoli supplementation was a deeper pigmentation of the chicken’s skin and shanks due to the xanthophylls in broccoli.

3. Broccoli Increases Egg Quality

A study using 72 white Leghorn laying hens fed with dried broccoli florets reports improved egg quality. The eggs of the Leghorns had a darker yolk and were heavier than the eggs of the hens on the control diet.

It’s well demonstrated that optimal levels of vitamin C can improve egg-laying performance and egg quality. Adding broccoli florets to the diet had no negative effects on laying performance or eggshell qualities.

4. Broccoli Promotes a Hen’s Healthy Digestion

The fibers and antioxidants in broccoli support healthy bowel movement and boost the chicken’s digestive system. Broccoli is also rich in glutathione, an essential element for the integrity of intestinal linings. It supports a healthy microbiome for the beneficial gut bacteria to grow.

Chinese scientists performed an experiment where they added fermented broccoli residues to the chicken’s diet. As a result, the populations of E.Coli and C. Perfringens decreased. C. Perfringens bacteria are responsible for Necrotic Enteritis in chickens, an inflammation of the intestines that can cause blood in the chicken’s droppings.

Two brown chickens eating broccoli from a plate

5. Broccoli Aids a Chicken’s Blood Sugar Control

Chickens are walking, flying, and running all day long. To support that activity, they maintain high blood sugar levels. They are insulin-resistant by nature, a bit like diabetics.

Many people feed their flock table scraps with various sweet fruits, like strawberries, grapes, oranges, and watermelon. This comes with risks for elevated blood sugar levels and hyperglycemia.

Studies have shown that broccoli can support better blood sugar control in people with diabetes. The exact mechanism is still to be discovered, but it’s assumed it has to do with broccoli’s high levels of antioxidants.

The same effects were found in studies on diabetic rats. The high fiber content in broccoli is also beneficial for glycemic control in insulin-resistant birds.

6. Broccoli May Aid a Chicken’s Hearth and Vascular Health

Several studies provide evidence that broccoli may support heart health and prevent vascular diseases. One study reports higher levels of healthy HDL-cholesterol levels after consuming broccoli sprout supplements.

Studies on rats clearly showed that broccoli supplementation protects the heart against diseases that cause problems with oxygen uptake in the blood and tissues.

Such issues typically arise when blood flow is restricted or reduced in parts of the blood vessels due to plaques. This can be caused by several factors, such as high blood pressure, high sugar levels, air pollution, tobacco smoke, or obesity.

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