Austra White Chicken: The Ideal Backyard Companion

By Chicken Fans Editorial Team

If you consider adding some chickens to your flock, look no further than the Austra White. These charming chickens are known for their hardiness, great egg production, and fun personalities. With their low-maintenance nature, Austra Whites are a delight to raise.

  • Austra White hens lay around 3 eggs weekly
  • Hybrid cross between White Leghorn and Black Australorp
  • Both cold and heat hardy
  • Not broody
EggsBetween 200-290 eggs yearly
Egg ColorCream to tinted
Egg SizeLarge
Weight5 – 6.5 lbs
HardinessHeat and cold hardy
ColorWhite with black flecks


The Austra White is a visually striking chicken with distinctive white plumage adorned with black flecks looking a lot like ink drops on feathers. The Austra White is a cross between the White Leghorn and Black Australorp. They inherit the best characteristics from both parents, including high egg production and a calm temperament. 

Adult Austra White roosters typically weigh around 6.5 pounds (3 kilograms), while adult hens average 5 pounds (2.30 kilograms). Their relatively compact size makes them easy to handle and care for, especially for beginners or those with limited space.

Egg Production

Austra Whites are highly regarded for their egg production, producing a plentiful supply of eggs throughout the year.

On average, each hen can lay between 200 and 290 eggs annually. However, it’s important to note that these numbers vary based on individual factors such as diet, health, and environmental conditions. Nonetheless, Austra Whites demonstrate excellent egg-laying capabilities, with around three eggs weekly.

Austra Whites lay large eggs with a light brown shell color. The shade of brown may vary slightly, ranging from very light brown to off-white.

Austra Whites are categorized as non-setter or non-broody chickens. Broodiness refers to the instinct of hens to sit on their eggs to hatch chicks. Austra Whites typically do not exhibit strong broody tendencies.

This can benefit those primarily interested in maximizing egg production rather than raising chicks. Non-broody hens continue laying eggs consistently without interruption, except during molting.


Austra Whites have a docile and friendly personality. They are generally calm, making them suitable for chicken keepers with children. Their gentle nature makes them easier to handle compared to more high-strung breeds. They are less flighty than Leghorns and as relaxed as Australorps.

They also display an active and curious personality. Austra Whites enjoy exploring their surroundings, scratching the ground, and foraging. Their activity levels make them fun to watch and provide a lively atmosphere in the backyard.

Austra Whites are considered heat- and cold-tolerant birds, capable of adapting to various climates. Their hardiness makes them versatile for different geographical regions.

This also means they require less intensive management compared to some other breeds. Austra Whites are robust and less prone to common diseases, making them low in maintenance.

Austra White Breed Profile

Austra White chickens are not a recognized chicken breed. Rather, they are a hybrid breed resulting from crossbreeding two well-known chicken breeds: the White Leghorn and the Black Australorp.

The breed was originally developed by Dunlap Hatchery in the early 1900s. However, it is important to note that the name “Austra White” was not officially trademarked by the hatchery. As a result, Austra Whites are now available for sale through various hatcheries across the United States and are not exclusive to a single source.


Austra White chickens are valued for their good egg production and gentle nature. They are a mix of White Leghorns and Black Australorps, created by Dunlop hatchery in the early 1900s. The breed is considered very hardy and can withstand cold and warm temperatures well.

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