Midnight Majesty Marans: Unique Extra-Dark Eggs

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Midnight Majesty Marans, also known as Mystic Marans, separate themselves from other chickens because of their extra dark brown eggs. These colors will make your egg carton stand out from the rest. Why settle for ordinary eggs when you can add a touch of midnight majesty to your breakfast table?

  • Feathered feet and black plumage hybrid Marans
  • Friendly and calm
  • Hardy in all climates
  • Midnight Majesty Marans lay up to 250 dark brown eggs yearly
  • Dual-purpose sex-linked chicken
Eggs250 eggs per year
Egg ColorDark brown
Egg SizeLarge
Weight6 – 7 lbs
TemperamentActive but friendly
ColorFemales: black. Males: barred


The Midnight Majesty Marans is a dual-purpose hybrid breed bred for meat and egg production. Their calm and friendly temperament makes them an excellent addition to any backyard flock.

They are quite large chickens; the mature weight of a male Midnight Majesty Marans is around 7 pounds, while the female weighs around 6 pounds.

They have a single comb, and some will have feathered feet, which adds to their impressive appearance. The roosters are barred, while the hens are solid black.

Midnight Majesty Marans Breed Profile

While Marans chickens are a true chicken breed, recognized by the American Poultry Association, the Midnight Majesty Marans is a hybrid chicken.

Hoover’s Hatchery created the Midnight Majesty Marans because of its black plumage, feathered feet, and dark eggs. Like the Cuckoo Marans and the Black Copper Marans, the Midnight Majesty Marans references its plumage colors, although this color is not recognized.

Credits: NativePathFarm (IG)

The Midnight Majesty Marans are also a sex-linked breed. Meaning you can separate the roosters from the hens when they are only one day old by looking at the color of their down. Midnight Majesty Marans roosters are barred, while females are completely black.

Therefore, it is believed that a Midnight Majesty Marans is a mix of a Black Copper Marans and a Cuckoo Marans or a Barred Rock, although this is not confirmed by Hoover’s Hatchery.

Hoover’s Hatchery registered the name ‘Midnight Majesty Maran’ as a trademark in October 2022.

Black Sexlinked Marans

Plenty of black sex-linked Marans are available on the market under different names. The most well-known name is Mystic Marans, a black sex-linked hybrid Marans, developed in Czech Republic.

Mystic Marans

The Mystic Marans is a black sex-linked hybrid Marans created in Czech Republic. Cockerels are born with a white dot on their head and are barred, which separates them from hens. Mystic Marans are great egg layers, bringing up to 270 dark brown eggs yearly.

The Czech breeding company, where the Mystic Marans originates from, refers to the hybrid with the less attractive name Dominant Darkshell DS109.


Other branded names of black sex-linked hybrid Marans are Noir Marans, Rustic Rambler, or Black Maran Sexlink.

All these hybrids can have different parents, but they have multiple things in common. All lay dark brown eggs, are sex-linked, and have black plumage. At least one of the parents is always a Marans chicken. They are created by mixing different types of Marans, or by crossbreeding a Marans with another breed like a Barred Rock.

Egg Production

The Midnight Majesty Marans are known for their great egg-laying skills, producing approximately 250 large dark brown eggs annually.

They begin laying around 8-9 months of age and continue laying throughout the year, even during winter months. The dark brown color of their eggs is a unique feature that sets them apart from many other breeds.

dark brown marans eggs in an egg carton

Although Midnight Majesty Marans lay dark brown eggs, they are seldom as dark as you see on social media. These photos are often edited to make the eggs look darker. So don’t be disappointed if your Marans eggs look like ‘normal’ dark brown eggs.

These chickens occasionally go broody, although it doesn’t happen often. Keep in mind that broody chickens temporarily stop producing eggs.


One of the best features of Midnight Majesty Marans is their calm and friendly personality. They are easy to handle and enjoy interacting with other chickens. Marans are known to be intelligent and curious, and the Midnight Majesty Marans is no exception.

They are hardy and can adapt well to different climates, making them an ideal choice for backyard owners worldwide. They are also easy to care for and only require standard chicken care, including water, shelter, and food.

Midnight Majesty Marans are active birds and great foragers, but they also bear confinement well as long as they have enough space to roam around and stretch their legs.


Midnight Majesty Marans are stunning and productive hybrids that are an excellent addition to any backyard flock.

They are hardy and friendly and produce large amounts of dark brown eggs throughout the year. They are easy to care for, making them an ideal choice for beginner flock owners.

Whether you’re looking for a dual-purpose breed for meat and egg production or want to add some beauty to your egg basket, the Midnight Majesty Marans is a great choice.

Credits Features Image: Nativepathfarm (IG)

Related Questions

What is a Midnight Majesty Marans chicken?

A Midnight Majesty Marans is a relatively new hybrid chicken created by Hoover’s Hatchery. They’re a sex-linked Marans Mix with black plumage that lays dark brown eggs.

What color eggs do Midnight Majesty Marans hens lay?

Midnight Majesty Marans lay large-sized dark brown eggs.

How many eggs do Midnight Majesty Marans lay?

Midnight Majesty Marans hens are good egg layers. They lay around 250 eggs yearly, that’s almost 5 eggs per week.

Do chickens lay black eggs?

No. There are no chickens that lay black eggs. Black chicken breeds like Ayam Cemani and Mystic Onyx lay cream-colored or light-brown eggs. A Midnight Majesty Marans lays dark brown eggs.

Are Midnight Majesty Marans chickens cold-hardy?

Yes. Midnight Majesty Marans are both cold and heat-hardy. This means they can be kept in any climate and won’t stop laying during winter, although their egg production can slow down.

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