Welsummer Chicken: Dark Brown Eggs And More

By Chicken Fans Editorial Team

The Welsummer chicken is a true gem among poultry enthusiasts. These magnificent birds have captured hearts worldwide with their royal appearance and exceptional egg-laying abilities. With their vibrant colors, chocolate-colored eggs, and friendly disposition, the Welsummers are a delightful addition to any flock.


The Welsummer chicken breed is a sight to behold, with its striking appearance that sets them apart from other poultry. These birds are known for their majestic presence, evident in their distinctive physical features.

They are medium to large-sized chickens with golden-brown plumage and a red single comb. They mature at about 20 weeks for egg production. Usually, the hen gets to about 6 lbs at maturity, while the rooster gets to about 7 lbs. 

Their skin and beak are yellow, while their comb and wattles are red. They have a broad back, full breasts, and a full tail, adding even more bulk to their large appearance. 

The hen and rooster are noticeably different in size and color, though both have an overall reddish-brown appearance. 

The Welsummer rooster’s saddle and hackle feathers are a fiery burnt orange to dark brown. Its tail is large and black with a greenish sheen. 

The feathering on hens is reddish-brown and speckled with black. Their tails are large and brown, getting darker as it nears the end.

Egg Production

The Welsummer chicken is a great egg layer and produces between 220 to 280 eggs per year. That’s 4-6 eggs weekly, making it a high producer. The eggs are dark brown and large, weighing about 1.7 oz each.

dark brown eggs in an egg carton

Welsummers are, together with Marans and Barnevelders, becoming increasingly popular because of the dark brown color of their eggs. The eggs range from terracotta to mahogany with varying dark specks and get lighter as the laying cycle progresses. When the eggs get lighter, the specks become more visible. However, if there is a break in laying, like when the chicken molts, the eggs will get dark brown again. 

Welsummer hens aren’t known to get broody easily, but it is possible. It’s best to use other breeds if you’re planning on hatching eggs.


The Welsummer chicken is very friendly and sociable. This makes them easy to handle and perfect for beginning chicken keepers. You can raise them around small children and even get them to eat from your hand.

They are also quite active chickens, so they will enjoy having space to run around and forage. A free-range setup is perfect for Welsummer chickens. They get along with other chicken breeds, so you can include them in a mixed flock.

If free-ranging your flock is not an option, Welsummer chicken can also be kept in confined spaces. House them in a backyard coop with a smaller run, and you will still get them to peak production for eggs and meat. Always provide plenty of space for your chickens to keep them happy and healthy.

They are not picky eaters, so you can feed them green fodder, seeds, insects, and commercial feed. 

Place their roost 2 to 4 feet high for optimum comfort. They can get loud sometimes, so be mindful if you have close neighbors. 

Welsummer Chicken Breed History

The Welsummer Chicken is originally a Dutch breed developed in the 1900s in a village called Welsum in the Netherlands. They were bred from local fowls originating in Partridge Leghorns, Partridge Cochins, Partridge Wyandottes, Barnevelders, and Rhode Island Red.

Welsummer chickens were later exported to the US for their egg-laying abilities and were admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1991. 

Though a few varieties are recognized worldwide, the American Standard of Perfection recognizes that there is only one variety of the Large Fowl Welsummer in the Continental Class.

Welsummers aren’t as common as some other domestic chickens, like the Rhode Island Red. However, they can be used for the same purpose and may be even more productive.

Their large eggs and the quick rate at which they grow make the Welsummer chicken a good companion chicken for your backyard flock. You will get a high egg production and a good source of meat from this chicken. 

A Bantam Welsummer Chicken is also admitted to the American Standard of Perfection as a Partridge variety. The rooster’s mature weight averages 34oz, while the hen is usually 30oz.


The Welsummer chicken is a remarkable breed known for its striking appearance and exceptional egg-laying abilities. Originating from Welsum, Holland, these birds possess a royal presence with fiery burnt orange and gold feathering.

They are friendly, intelligent, and easily handled, making them a favorite among chicken enthusiasts. With their captivating looks and productive nature, Welsummers are a delightful addition to any flock.

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