DIY Chicken Coop Plan for 4 to 6 Chickens – Easy

By Chicken Fans Editorial Team

We created a simple and straightforward chicken coop plan with step-by-step instructions. Everybody can build it, even if you lack woodworking skills. It’s an ideal DIY project for the weekend.

The chicken coop provides space for 3 to 4 medium chickens or six small chickens (or bantams). The plan is flexible enough to make the coop bigger or smaller, depending on your needs.

The chicken coop plan doesn’t include fancy windows or decorated nesting boxes, but it’s a fully functional coop with everything you need. You can open up the coop on the top and side for easy maintenance and egg collection.

Features of the Coop

Here are the features of the coop we’re building in the plan:

  • provides room for 4 medium to 6 small chickens or bantams
  • there is plenty of space for 2-4 removable nesting boxes
  • you can open the roof for easy maintenance
  • you can open the entire side for easy entrance
  • it’s standing on legs, so the hens can use it as a shelter
  • there is space for 2-3 roosting bars
  • clear separation of roosting area and nesting boxes
  • the roof sides are open for ventilation
  • only straight cuts, no diagonal or angles

The coop size is adjustable; every step builds on top of the previous step, so you won’t have to calculate anything if you adjust the coop size in the plan. Use our chicken coop calculator if you are unsure how much space your chickens need in the coop and run.

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End Result

Here is what a chicken coop looks like that’s built using this chicken coop plan. We used roofing panels as a quick solution for the roof.

finished diy chicken coop

This coop has the automatic Chickenguard door installed. Check our guide on installing an automatic Chickenguard coop door and our review if you want to have the same door.

Possible Adjustments

Here are some adjustments you can make to the chicken coop plan:

  • to make the coop bigger: adjust the size of the base plate and roof to enlarge the coop
  • to make it predator proof: add extra wire fencing on the ventilation openings underneath the roof
  • to cut costs: re-use wood or use plain plywood instead of using sidings for the walls
  • to make it warmer: avoid gaps between the sidings; instead of using planks, use a full piece of plywood
  • to make the coop larger: you can make the coop as high as you want, but bear in mind that you can open the roof so that you will be able to stand straight
  • to make it windproof: put a lock on the roof to prevent the wind from lifting the roof

You can also extend the chicken coop later with nesting boxes. At the back of the coop, there is plenty of space left to attach nesting boxes for easy egg collection.

Next Steps

With the coop in place, you are ready for the next steps:

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