Prepare Your Chicken Coop For Spring

By Chicken Fans Editorial Team

As days prolong and get warmer, you’ll need to prepare the chicken coop for spring to come. Spruce it up and get some spring cleaning done!

Things to do to prepare your chicken coop for spring:

  1. Predator Proof your Chicken Coop
  2. Spring Cleaning
  3. Inspect your Flock

Predator Proof Your Chicken Coop After Winter

In springtime, loads of predators come out of hibernation and start looking for food. They are most active during spring and summer as they fuel up for winter.

It’s impossible to make a chicken run 100% predator-proof, but you can make it much harder for an animal of prey to get close to your chickens. There are two main things you’ll have to do. First, secure the chicken run so no daytime predator can come nearby. And second, protect your chickens during dusk and nighttime inside the chicken coop.

High level chicken coop to keep predators away

How can you predator-proof your chicken run and chicken coop?

  1. Check the wire for holes, loose ends, or sloppiness
  2. Inspect the coop for gaps or loose boards
  3. Install a predator repellent system

Due to stormy weather, freezing temperatures, or just regular wear and tear, your chicken coop and wiring could use some freshening up. Inspect the wire around the chicken run and look for loose wire, broken poles, or other defects.

Afterward, subject the coop to a thorough inspection. Fix a leaking roof, check for loose boards and look if hardware cloth is installed correctly to prevent small predators from coming inside through small cracks or splits.

Predator repellent systems are prevalent due to their reasonably low price and proper functioning. Most common are automated alarm systems with motion sensors. They’ll frighten the predator with bright lights and loud sounds when they walk by the motion sensor.

Spring Cleaning

How to clean the chicken coop and nesting boxes for spring?

  1. Brush or shovel out all dirt, droppings, sand,..
  2. Hose down the chicken coop
  3. Disinfect with a natural disinfectant like vinegar
  4. Rinse with water
  5. Let the coop dry
  6. Fill the coop with dry nesting materials like hay
how to clean a chicken coop

Prepare your chicken coop for spring with a thorough clean of the chicken coop and nesting boxes. As days prolong and get warmer, hens will soon start laying again, so make them feel as comfortable and cozy as you can. Pick out a pleasant and sunny day and start by brushing out all chicken droppings, bedding, feathers, dirt… until it’s empty.

Take out the hose and start spraying down the coop. Afterward, you can use a natural disinfectant like vinegar to clean the coop and nesting boxes. Rinse once more with water.

After rinsing, it’s essential to let the coop dry in the open air. That is why cleaning out the chicken coop is much faster during a sunny and warmer day.

As it can still be cold in spring, you need to ensure your chickens are warm enough inside the chicken coop. Lay down fresh materials such as hay to keep them warm and comfy.

That’s all. Your chickens will love their clean house!

Inspect your flock

Take a look at your chickens. Check them for lice, mites, or other parasites and look at their feet to check for wounds, bumblefoot, or the length of their toenails. Nails can grow fast during winter, so maybe you’ll need to clip them to make the scratching around more comfortable for them.

inspect the chicken coop and flock

That wasn’t so bad, now was it?

After taking care of these small tasks, your chickens (and yourself) can start enjoying the spring days!

Chicken Fans Editorial Team

The editorial team consists of 3rd generation chicken owners Kat, journalist, editor-in-chief, and Nick, working with illustrators and specialists in the field.