Run Chicken Feeder: Review (2024)

By Chicken Fans Editorial Team

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One of the high-quality feeder options on the market today are the Run-Chicken Feeders. The brand has two feeders on the market, an indoor model and a brand-new automatic outdoor feeder.

We took their indoor feeder to the test.

Please note the Run Chicken Feeders are often sold out due to high demand.

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Run Chicken offers two feeder models, one for inside and one for outside use. The inside feeder holds up to 20 lbs of feed, but isn’t waterproof. The outside feeder is automatic and runs on batteries. It opens and closes by light sensor. This prevents unwanted nighttime visitors.

  • High in quality
  • 20 lbs feeder
  • Less food spillage
  • Installation can be tricky
  • Rather expensive
Run chicken feeder
Run Chicken Indoor Feeder
Large and Reliable Indoor Feeder
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Run chicken feeder
Run Chicken Automatic Feeder
Opens & Closes with Light Sensor
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Run Chicken is mainly known for its very popular automatic chicken coop door. In 2023, they first launched the indoor feeder, which has a recognizable design and looks similar to other Run Chicken products.

Later that year, the company released its automatic outdoor feeder to the public. It’s waterproof, rodent-proof and opens and closes by light sensor or by using the Run-Chicken app.

In this review, we will only discuss the indoor feeder. The review of the outdoor automatic model will follow later.

The Run Chicken feeders promise to reduce food spillage with a secure lid and spill-reducing design. Its 20-pound capacity can sustain a flock of 20 chickens for multiple days, making it a long-lasting and effective solution.

a run chicken indoor feeder inside a chicken coop

It’s essential to remember that the Run Chicken indoor feeder is unsuitable for outdoor use because it isn’t waterproof.

Despite being made from durable materials and having a secure lid, the feeder isn’t designed to withstand heavy rainfall. Putting it inside the coop or under a sheltered area is the best way to keep the food from getting wet.


If you have seen products from Run Chicken before, like their automatic door or nesting boxes, the design of their feeder will probably ring a bell. It’s made from the same durable and eco-friendly aluminum that will last a long time and withstands everyday wear and tear.

The hexagonal design of the feeder looks like a honeycomb, which goes well with the Run-Chicken Nesting Box. It can stand on its own and fit anywhere in a chicken coop; no need to attach it to the wall. Its well-thought-out design makes it easy to use, to clean, and it was developed with a chicken keeper’s needs in mind.

3 chickens at the run chicken feeder

The feeder has a detachable design, so it can be taken apart to wash thoroughly and prevent bacteria growth. Simply rinse it using a damp cloth or soapy water for heavy dirt, and let it dry before reassembling and refilling it with fresh feed. Make sure to use animal-friendly detergents and rinse with water before refilling the feeder.

Specific Features

A high-quality chicken feeder should provide a consistent food supply to your chickens, promoting their health and enhancing the efficiency of chicken keeping. As a chicken keeper, you need a sturdy, dependable, and durable feeder that will last a long time.

These basic characteristics are essential for a high-quality feeder, and the Run Chicken effortlessly meets them. However, there are additional features to mention. Let’s go over them one by one.

Three Feeding Holes

The Run Chicken Indoor Feeder has three separate feeding holes. Simply fill the feeder with your chickens’ preferred feed, and they’ll enjoy dining comfortably in their coop at the same time.

In addition to having three feeding holes, the Run Chicken feeder has three separate feed dispensers. This design ensures that your chickens won’t see each other while eating simultaneously, preventing bullying or pecking that can occur in a communal feeding situation.

Your chickens can enjoy their food peacefully and harmoniously, promoting a calm and stress-free environment.

a feeding hole of the run chicken feeder

Angled feed dispenser

The Run Chicken feeder is designed with an angled feed dispenser with the appropriate angle to prevent food from getting stuck in the outlet.

It operates on a natural gravity supply system, eliminating the need for electricity to power it. As your chickens eat the feed, the remaining food in the dispenser will fall automatically into the feeding holes, ensuring a continuous food supply.

the feed dispenser of a run chicken feeder

Long Lasting Feeding

The Run-Chicken feeder holds up to 20 lbs (9 kg) of feed, providing a consistent supply for your chickens. This amount is enough to keep 10 chickens well-fed for a week or to feed one chicken for 74 days, based on the average daily consumption of 0.27 lb (122 g) of feed. An average hen will eat between 100 – 150g of feed daily.

You no longer have to wake up early or worry about feeding your chickens when you’re away. With this feeder, your chickens will have access to the right amount of food at all times.

the inside of a run chicken feeder

Freestanding and Detachable

With its detachable design, the Run Chicken feeder can be disassembled for a thorough cleaning, which helps to remove stale feed and reduce the growth of bacteria. Simply wash it with a damp cloth or soapy water for heavy dirt, and let it dry before replacing it with fresh feed.

Thanks to its freestanding design, the feeder can be placed anywhere in your chicken coop without needing to attach it to the walls.

There’s no need for screws or other mounting hardware, and your chickens can easily access it from all sides. Since the feeder is not attached to the wall, it can be easily moved or repositioned.

Run chicken feeder
Run Chicken Indoor Feeder
Large and Reliable Indoor Feeder
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Run chicken feeder
Run Chicken Automatic Feeder
Opens & Closes with Light Sensor
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Ease of Installation

An instruction manual is included with any purchase of a Run Chicken feeder, and an online instruction video is available for those who prefer this method.

However, setting it up can be a bit challenging even with these helpful resources.

Due to the small parts and sometimes delicate installation process, assembling the feeder requires patience, steady hands, or nimble fingers.

With one person trying to get the job done as rapidly (and as correctly) as possible, it took us around an hour to finish assembling the feeder.

Installing and assembling the dispensers and the bottom of the feeder required the most effort, as the small flaps and holes can be tricky to fit into each other.

The installation of the feeder does not require special tools, only a steady hand, and a cross screwdriver.

Potential Drawbacks

Although the Run Chicken feeder has many positive attributes and is a high-quality feeder, it’s important to be aware of its potential drawbacks.

One disadvantage of the feeder is that it is not waterproof, so it can only be used inside the chicken coop or under a covered area. If you are looking for an outdoor feeder, plenty of other options are available.

Additionally, we found that assembling the feeder took more time than expected, unlike the Run Chicken coop door, which comes pre-assembled.

Furthermore, we encountered a slight issue with the lid, which did not fit perfectly. We had to loosen and retighten the screws to ensure a proper fit.

a chicken eating from the run chicken feeder

Maintenance and Durability

The Run Chicken feeder is built to last, designed with durability and longevity in mind. Its aluminum construction and quality screws ensure its robustness. It can be cleaned with ease using a damp cloth.

It’s important to remember that the feeder is not waterproof and thus should only be installed inside the chicken coop. This feeder can offer your chickens a dependable food supply for many years with regular upkeep and care.

What is Inside the Box?

The Run Chicken Feeder is, unlike the Run Chicken automatic chicken coop door, NOT pre-assembled.

The package is a flat box containing many separate parts to assemble and install the feeder yourself.

The separate parts include 3 plates with a feeding hole, 3 plates with feed indicator (see-trough), 2 lid plates, 3 bottom plates, 9 plates to assemble the feed dispenser, 3 lid holders, and all screws needed to get the job done.

The parcel also holds a complete instruction manual.

what is inside the box of a run chicken feeder

The feeder weighs 4 pounds (1.8 kg), is 17 inches high (43.5 cm), and is 9 to 10.6 inches wide (hexagonal shape). It’s packed in a firm box so its protected from any damage during shipping. All necessary items are included, the only thing you need is a cross screwdriver.


The Run Chicken feeder is available for purchase on the Run Chicken Website at 15% off using the Chickenfans discount link.

Run chicken feeder
Run Chicken Indoor Feeder
Large and Reliable Indoor Feeder
Shop with 15% discount
Run chicken feeder
Run Chicken Automatic Feeder
Opens & Closes with Light Sensor
Shop with 15% discount

They ship from the USA to any state, and currently, shipping is free.

About Run-Chicken

Run Chicken is a company based in Slovenia, EU, and exports its products worldwide. To minimize shipping times, the company ships its products from within the USA to customers in the US.

All Run-Chicken products come with a one-year warranty. If you encounter any problems with the Run Chicken feeder, the company provides 24/7 customer support.

The Run-Chicken Products

The founder of Run Chicken, Jure Markic, takes pride in his young but rapidly expanding business. In 2023 and 2024, he released an astonishing six (6!) new products to his customers. Until mid-2023, their standard chicken coop door was their pride and only product.

Currently, Run-Chicken sells four automatic chicken coop doors, two feeders, and one non-electrical water heater. Check them out, and use our 15% discount code for ANY product from their webshop.

Run chicken door
Run Chicken T50
Standard model, charged by AA batteries
Best value for money coop door
Run Chicken Eternal+
Separate solar panel & 6ft long cord
Recharchable batteries included
run chicken
Run Chicken Eternal
Model with built-in solar panel
Recharchable batteries included
Run Chicken GIANT
Suited for large breeds, ducks and turkeys
Dimensions 25,2 × 16,5 × 1,8 inch
Run Chicken Automatic Feeder
Opens and Closes Automatically
Works with app and light sensor
Run Chicken Indoor Feeder
High-Quality Indoor Feeder
Holds 20 lbs (9 kg) of feed
Run Chicken Water Heater
Non-Electrical Water Heater Outdoor
Wax-based with a 14-day burn time


The Run Chicken feeder is a durable and long-lasting feeder designed for chicken owners who want to provide their birds with a consistent food supply.

It can hold up to 20 lbs of feed and has three separate feeder dispensers. However, the feeder isn’t waterproof and should be installed inside the coop or under a covered run.

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