Starlight Green Egger: Complete Breed Guide

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If you want to add more color to your egg basket, the Starlight Green Egger is the right choice! Hoover’s Hatchery created this hybrid chicken that lays high quantities of green eggs while boasting beautiful plumage.

With its active but easygoing personality, a Starlight Green Egger is a great addition to any backyard flock.

  • A hybrid mix of a Prairie Bluebell Egger and a brown egg layer
  • Active and easy going
  • Hardy in all climates
  • Starlight Green Eggers lay up to 280 green eggs yearly
  • Varies in plumage color and pattern
Eggs280 eggs per year
Egg ColorGreen
Egg SizeMedium
Weight4 – 6 lbs
TemperamentActive but friendly


The Starlight Green Egger will surely catch the eye of any backyard farmer or chicken enthusiast. It is a fairly new designer chicken breed that Hoover’s Hatchery created. This breed is very similar to the Prairie Bluebell Egger, another breed from the same hatchery.

Because the Starlight Green Egger is a mix, not a real chicken breed, its characteristics may vary from bird to bird. The plumage color is highly variable and comes in many patterns not typically seen in other breeds.

They are medium-sized chickens, with roosters weighing up to 6 pounds and hens weighing around 4 pounds. They are lightweight and active, making them excellent foragers.

Starlight Green Egger Breed Profile

A Starlight Green Egger is a mix, a hybrid chicken, not a real chicken breed. They were created by Hoover’s Hatchery by crossing a Prairie Bluebell Egger, another hybrid chicken, with a brown egg layer. The hatchery doesn’t state which breed of brown egg layer is used to create the Starlight Green Egger.

A Prairie Bluebell Egger lays blue-colored eggs, and by mixing a blue egg layer with a brown egg layer, you’ll get a new chicken that lays green-colored eggs. However, it’s important to note that around 5% of all hatched Starlight Green Eggers lays brown-colored eggs.

The result of mixing these two chickens is a breed that lays a large number of green eggs, making it a popular choice among backyard chicken keepers.

Hoover’s Hatchery registered the name Starlight Green Egger as a registered trademark in September 2021.

Egg Production

An important reason why people choose a Starlight Green Egger is for their excellent egg-laying capabilities of beautiful green-colored eggs.

Female birds lay approximately 280 medium-sized eggs yearly, more than five eggs per week.

Green eggs are a colorful addition to any egg basket and bring a nice touch of color to the breakfast table. No wonder colored egg layers are becoming more popular with families.

It is important to note, however, that while the vast majority of Starlight Green Eggers lay green eggs, there is a small chance of 5% that they lay brown eggs.

You’ll have to wait until your chicken lays its first egg to see its color.

Starlight Green Eggers are rare brooders, which means they won’t likely sit on eggs, although it may happen occasionally. This is beneficiary if you’re not planning on hatching eggs.

As they are cold-hardy chickens, they probably won’t stop egg production during colder months, although egg production may slow down.


A Starlight Green Egger has a calm and easy-going personality; they make excellent companions for families with kids. They are known to be curious and great foragers, but this also means they’ll need more space because of their activeness.

Credits: thehighlanderhomestead (IG)

This chicken is cold and heat-hardy and can adapt to various climates. But remember that most chickens cope with cold temperatures better than hot ones. Always provide extra care when extreme weather, like heat waves, is coming.

Starlight Green Eggers are active but not really adventurous. They tend to stay close to home when letting them free range. They bear confinement well but need enough space to roam and stretch their legs.

They don’t need much extra care besides food, water, and shelter and are, therefore, very beginner-friendly chickens.


If you are looking for a chicken that consistently lays beautiful green-colored eggs, while having a unique color pattern, then the Starlight Green Egger will be a great addition to your backyard flock. They are an active but easy-going hybrid chicken that is hardy in all climates and very beginner-friendly.

It is important to note that 5% of Starlight Green Eggers will lay brown eggs instead of green. That said, they will be an excellent choice for those wanting a unique hybrid chicken to add to their flock.

Related Questions

What is a Starlight Green Egger chicken?

A Starlight Green Egger is a relatively new hybrid chicken created by Hoover’s Hatchery. They’re a hatchery mix by crossing a Prairie Bluebelle Egger and a brown egg layer.

What color eggs do Starlight Green Egger hens lay?

Starlight Green Eggers lay medium-sized green eggs. However, it’s important to note that around 5% of Starlight Green Eggers will lay brown eggs.

How many eggs do Starlight Green Eggers lay?

Starlight Green Egger hens are good egg layers. They lay around 280 eggs yearly, that’s more than 5 eggs per week.

Do chickens lay black eggs?

No. There are no chickens that lay black eggs. Black chicken breeds like Ayam Cemani and Mystic Onyx lay cream-colored or light-brown eggs. A Starlight Green Egger lays green eggs.

Are Starlight Green Egger chickens cold-hardy?

Yes. Starlight Green Eggers are both cold and heat-hardy. This means they can be kept in any climate and won’t stop laying during winter, although their egg production can slow down.

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