VEVOR Pre-Assembled Coop Door: Review (2024)

By Chicken Fans Editorial Team

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You will notice many options if you consider buying an automatic chicken coop door. The growing popularity of automatic doors in recent years is due to the convenience they offer to chicken keepers. However, with so many options on the market, you want to be sure to buy the right one.

We’ve tested the latest coop door model of VEVOR, a reputable brand of tough machinery and tools. Their latest premium model looks nothing like the other VEVOR model we tested: the Vevor Aluminum Automatic door with actuator rod.

Let’s see what the VEVOR Premium Chicken coop door is all about:


VEVOR is a worldwide supplier of tough machinery and tools. Their VEVOR Pre-Assembled Automatic Coop Door is designed for easy installation with its one-piece design. It’s larger than most automatic doors, making it suited for larger breeds. It also has a lower price than most quality coop doors.

  • Sturdy and quality door
  • Easy installment
  • Light sensor & timer
  • Suited for large breeds and other poultry
  • Special design and look
  • Batteries not included
  • Batteries drain quickly
vevor door
VEVOR Pre-assembled Coop Door
Easy to install coop door
Available in grey, red and brown


VEVOR, a worldwide manufacturer of equipment and tools, offers a range of poultry products, including a series of automatic chicken coop doors. Their doors vary in style and set-up, providing a wide range to choose from.

This VEVOR Premium Automatic coop door is designed for easy installation with its one-piece design. You can simply screw the door into place and follow the set-up instructions for the opening and closing modes, and the door will be ready to use. This is one of the many differences between this VEVOR door and the previous version we tested.

a chicken jumping in the chicken coop

There are few components in the nicely packed box, with almost no loose items, such as cords or batteries. The door and door opener are pre-assembled, and while they come as a single piece, they can be separated into two different parts.


The VEVOR Premium door looks impressive and is quite big. It’s larger than most automatic coop doors, which makes this door suited for larger chicken breeds or other poultry like geese and ducks.

The door itself slides into an aluminum frame, which is attached to an ABS plastic housing in which the LCD screen, buttons, and actual door opener are located.

The ABS plastic housing is pretty large, measuring 12″ to 4″, and is almost 3″ thick. You can open it by unscrewing the four side screws with plastic covers.

the design of the vevor chicken coop door on a chicken coop


As said before, VEVOR offers a range of chicken coop doors, which can vary in style. However, VEVOR currently concentrates solely on marketing this particular door and doesn’t offer their previous doors with aluminum rods at the moment.

The VEVOR Premium Automatic Door is available in three colors: silver, red, and brown. But only the sliding door itself differs in color, while the remainder of the appearance remains constant, whatever color you pick.

the vevor chicken coop door in closed mode

The ABS plastic housing is shaped like a house. ABS is short for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, an opaque thermoplastic known for its rigidity and strength. The housing is waterproof and can withstand the elements’ normal wear and tear.


The entire door, plus the opener, measures 16 inches in length and 12 inches in width in the closed position. The door opens from bottom to top, requiring additional space above the door opening for it to function properly.

the measurements of the vevor coop door

While the door and controller measure 16 inches in length in the closed position, you’ll need an additional 12 inches above the door opening for the door to slide open. Always ensure you have enough space above the door opening.

The hole size is larger than many other doors, measuring 10,5 inches wide and 12 inches high.

Outside vs. Inside Placement

For those who prefer traditional wooden chicken coops, the appearance of some automatic coop doors can be a concern. To address this, some models offer the option of mounting the door inside the coop, leaving only the control panel visible on the outside.

This feature is impossible with the VEVOR Premium Coop door, as the door and controller are integrated into a single unit.

Specific Features

Most chicken keepers buy an automatic coop door to make their life easier but keep their flock safe. You won’t have to get up early in the morning to let your flock out, nor must you remember to close the door at night. An automatic door does that work for you, and you can rest assured your chickens are safely tucked in at night.

In other words, a quality automatic door must be reliable, durable, and safe for your hens. The VEVOR door is long-lasting and dependable and meets these standards effortlessly.

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However, this chicken coop door has other specific features worth mentioning.

Four Control Modes

Most quality chicken coop doors have two modes to open and close the coop door: timer and light sensor. Using the timer mode, you set the door open and close at a specific time. If you use the light sensor, the door will automatically detect dusk and dawn for opening and closing. Adjusting the light sensitivity when using the light sensor is possible.

The VEVOR automatic door is no exception and can be operated by using the timer or the light sensor. But there’s more. You don’t only get to choose which mode you prefer, but you can pick a different mode for opening or closing. In short, you can use the timer and light sensor simultaneously.

For instance, if your coop is exposed to bright street lights at night, you can set the opening mode to light sensor and the closing mode to timer. This way, the door will open at your preferred light level and close at the designated time.

The four control modes are:

  1. Morning: Time / Night: Time
  2. Morning: Time / Night: Sensor
  3. Morning: Sensor / Night: Time
  4. Morning: Sensor / Night: Sensor
one of the operating modes of the vevor coop door

Safety Stop

A must-have for any high-quality chicken coop door is a safety stop. A safety stop prevents the door from closing if something, like a chicken, is blocking the entrance. If the door detects an obstruction, it stops, reopens, and automatically shuts again after a few seconds.

VEVOR refers to this feature as the “protect function.” Once the door touches a chicken or another object while closing, it lifts and closes again after 20 seconds. If the obstruction is still there, the door will reopen again, and close after 20 seconds. This process will repeat three times, and if the obstruction remains present, the door will halt in the fully open position.

We’ll show in this video how the door acts if it’s obstructed:

Additionally, you can adjust the ‘pinch’ level for resistance. For instance, if you only have small chicken breeds or bantams, you can adjust the resistance level to the minimum. Meaning it will stop immediately if the door slightly touches the chicken. While a higher resistant force will need more resistance to stop the door. In our video, we adjusted the ‘pinch level’ to the lowest resistant force, meaning 1.

Alkaline Battery Supply

According to the manufacturer, 4 AA alkaline batteries should have a 12 months lifespan. That said, our batteries only lasted six weeks after installing the VEVOR door, although we didn’t illuminate the screen after the installation was finished.

We are currently trying out the lifespan of the batteries again with another brand of batteries to see if this short lifespan was only a coincidence or not.

Batteries are not included with the purchase of a VEVOR premium coop door. According to Vevor, the lifespan of the batteries is dependent on the usage of the LCD screen. The more the screen illuminates, the shorter the lifespan of the batteries.

the inside of the vevor door opener

The battery level can be checked at any time on the controller screen. Once the battery is empty, the door will stay in its current position. The VEVOR automatic chicken coop door also comes with a battery rechargeable wire.

All-in-One Design

Unlike many of its competitors, the VEVOR premium automatic coop door does not require any assembly. To install the four AA batteries, simply remove the four fixed plastic screws on the control panel’s side, insert the batteries, and close the control panel. Mounting the door is also effortless; use four out of the six included screws and install the remaining two above the controller to prevent tilting.

You can mount the door straight with a level bar, but that’s not necessary. The ease of installation and look is similar to that of the Run Chicken coop door, another pre-assembled coop door. Although the VEVOR door is bigger than the Run Chicken door and both have other differences.


As the VEVOR coop door is pre-assembled, it’s easy to install, and mounting it onto the coop wall is simple.

You only need to insert the batteries by unscrewing the side screws, putting them into place, and mounting the door to the coop using the six included screws. Four screws go onto the side guide rails of the door, and two screws need to be installed above the controller to prevent the door from tilting.

the assembly proces of the vevor coop door

Once the door is installed, you’ll need to set up the controller according to your preferences, which can be read in the instruction manual. The process is very straightforward and can be done in just a few minutes. Calibration involves opening and closing the door once; after that, set the time, and select the desired mode for opening and closing, which includes the light sensor or time settings.

To ensure that the door operates correctly, keep an eye on your flock for the first few days to verify that every chicken is inside the coop at night and that the door has opened in the morning.

It took us about 30 minutes to mount the door and set up the controller.

Potential Drawbacks


According to Vevor, batteries should last up to one year, depending on how often the screen is illuminated. However, we had to change the 4 AA batteries after only six weeks, without touching the LCD screen once after the installation was completed.

It is too soon to tell whether we just had bad luck with the batteries or if the batteries drain so quickly. But this is important to mention, as six weeks is much less than the suggested one-year lifespan.

At this moment, we changed the batteries for new ones from a different brand to check if the short lifespan remains the same or not. We will update the article once we figured that out.

Batteries are also not included in the purchase.


The VEVOR door is available in three colors: silver, red and brown. But only the door itself differs in color, while the remainder of the appearance remains constant, whatever color you pick.

The plastic housing of the control panel doesn’t look that appealing, so some may not like the design. It’s made from ABS plastic, but it also looks plastic, making it less attractive.

Difference VEVOR Automatic Coop Doors

VEVOR has multiple chicken coop doors on the market, and we have already reviewed one of its best-seller doors. Unfortunately, the door we first reviewed, with a rod actuator, is currently out of stock.

Although both doors are from the same manufacturer, they are nothing alike. Both are premium, high-quality chicken coop doors that are larger than most other doors on the market. So both are suited for larger chickens and other poultry. But as you can see in the photo, the style and design are very different.

Pre-assembled coop doors are gaining popularity, and VEVOR understood this very well. At the moment, they focus mainly on selling their pre-assembled door.

Maintenance and Durability in Cold Weather

VEVOR automatic chicken door is made from weather-resistant galvanized iron and is easy to maintain and keep clean. You can easily wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris. If heavy dirt is blocking the door from functioning, you can separate the door from the rails to give it a thorough clean.

According to the manufacturer, the VEVOR door can endure temperatures ranging from -22℉ (-30°C) to 131℉ (55°C). However, we advise double-checking your flock in the morning after a cold night. This way, you are sure everything is working as it should.

What’s in the Box?

the packaging of the vevor chicken coop door

The VEVOR door is delivered in a well-packaged, flat box that fits snugly in styrofoam protection to prevent damage during shipping. The door is wrapped in plastic, while the screws and rechargeable battery wire are kept in a separate plastic bag.

The package contains:

  1. Door and door opener with guide rails
  2. Six screws
  3. One rechargeable battery wire
  4. Instruction manual

The package does NOT contain:

  1. Batteries (4 AA batteries must be used)
what's inside the box of a vevor automatic coop door


On its website, VEVOR provides a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee for its automatic chicken coop door. This warranty covers manufacturing issues and assembly defects.

If you have a problem with the door, you are advised to contact VEVOR’s customer service and provide visual documentation of the issue. The customer service team will provide a solution in accordance with the warranty policy.

VEVOR’s customer service is well-regarded for its responsiveness and helpfulness.

Price and Availability

The VEVOR Premium Automatic Coop Door can be purchased on the VEVOR webshop, at local retailers, or at other online shops. Prices start around $100, which is pretty competitive when compared to other automatic coop doors. Make sure to use the VEVOR coupon for 5% off by clicking the link below.

vevor door
VEVOR Pre-assembled Coop Door
Easy to install coop door
Available on Amazon
vevor door
VEVOR Pre-assembled Coop Door
Shop VEVOR with 5% discount
Use discount coupon: VVG5%OFF

VEVOR ships its automatic chicken coop doors worldwide and has warehouses from its warehouses in America, Europe, and Australia.

Shipping of the coop doors is currently free, except for some remote areas like Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii, Cyprus, Iceland, Tasmania, and Western Australia, and some European countries like Finland, Switzerland, North Macedonia, and Norway. Always check your delivery costs before completing your purchase.


The VEVOR premium automatic chicken coop door is a pre-assembled, weatherproof galvanized iron door that is easy to install. The door has a safety stop feature to prevent the door from closing on an obstruction. The battery-powered controller can be set up in just a few minutes, offering a light sensor or time settings for opening and closing.

VEVOR offers a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee on the door, with good customer service and responsiveness.

If you want to read more in-depth reviews about automatic chicken coop doors, check out our ‘Coops‘ page.

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