Free Chicken Saddle Pattern for Bantams and Small Chickens

By Chicken Fans Editorial Team

A chicken saddle pattern protects the back of your hens from aggressive roosters during mating. Enthusiastic roosters can easily damage a hen’s feathers, and small bantam hens can quickly turn bald.

To counter this, a bantam chicken saddle can provide a protective shield. There are many saddles on the market, but most are for large fowl. It’s actually very easy to create your own bantam saddle with a pattern.

Remark: This is the pattern for small chickens. We have several other chicken saddle patterns for other sizes and breeds.


chicken saddle pattern for bantams

This chicken saddle pattern contains the following:

  • Main saddle or apron
  • Medium and Large Bantam Sizes

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This sewing pattern includes the following:

  • Sizes: Bantam-M, Bantam-L
  • Difficulty: *
  • Fabric: old clothes
  • Print Size: Letter
  • Parts: Saddle
  • Binding: elastic around the wings

This pattern foresees an adjustable elastic band that can move from left to right. This makes it a much easier experience to put the saddle on.

Most Suitable Use

This chicken saddle pattern can be used for:

Remark: there is no wing protection or tail guard in this pattern, but you can add these separately from the regular saddle pattern with wing protection and tail guard

Needed Material

To create the saddle, you will need the following:

  • our chicken saddle sewing pattern for bantams
  • some fabric from old clothes, left-overs from a quilting-supply store, or fat quarters with a print you like
  • essential quilting tools like scissors, rulers, needles, and pins
  • elastic band
  • a sewing machine

Remark: Avoid striking patterns with flashy colors if you’re selecting the fabric. These can pique the interest of other flock members, and they can start pecking the saddle. We recommend using a neutral color or a design that mixes with the chicken’s feathering pattern.

How to Make

Follow the instructions on how to make a chicken saddle pattern.

The step-by-step instructions for the regular saddle also apply to the bantam saddle.


Some possible adjustments:

  • You can put some extra filling to make the harness more sturdy
  • You can leave more fabric on the neck if you have trouble getting the elastic in
  • You can add wing protectors and a tail guard if needed


Some possible alternatives:

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