Happy Henhouse Automatic Coop Door: Review (2024)

By Chicken Fans Editorial Team

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Many brands sell their automatic coop door, including Happy Henhouse, a family business located in Missouri. We took their CH1K-SAFE automatic chicken coop door to the test.


Happy Henhouse is a family-owned business based in Missouri, offering affordable and high-quality chicken coop door openers and accessories. They sell three automatic coop doors, each with different features and characteristics. However, our review will focus exclusively on the CH1K-SAFE model, which comes with timer and light sensor and runs on batteries.

  • Sturdy and high-quality door
  • Easy installment
  • Light sensor & timer
  • Lacks safety stop
  • Batteries not included
  • Does not run on mains
Happy Henhouse door
Easy to install coop door
Works on timer and light sensor
duracell aa Batteries
High Quality AA Batteries
Not included in your door purchase


Happy Henhouse offers three different automatic coop doors, each with different features and characteristics. However, our review will focus exclusively on the CH1K-SAFE model, an automatic chicken coop door opener kit with both a timer and light sensor that runs on 4 AA batteries.

The manufacturer guarantees easy installation, which seems accurate based on the content of the package. There are relatively few separate parts inside it, only some screws, sliders, the door, and the door opener. The door and opener are a guillotine-style design, using the same ‘cord’ system as some other known brands like the ChickenGuard.

Please note the Happy Henhouse CH1K-SAFE does not run on main power supply; it only works on 4 AA batteries, which are not included. It operates on both a timer and light sensor, so you can choose which method you and your flock prefer.


The door opener kit comes in three parts: the actual door, the door opener with rope, and injection-molded rails.

This automatic coop door is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. It features a weatherproof controller, heavy-duty motor, high-density plastic door, injection-molded rails, and a durable braided rope to operate the door.


The door and the controller have a very discrete appearance. This is a big advantage when owning a traditional or authentic chicken coop. This door will blend in seamlessly, and the look and design will match any chicken coop, regardless of their style.

an overview of the happy henhouse coop door

If you still don’t want the door to be visible from the outside, you can mount the door on the inside of the coop, while the controller remains on the outside.

Specific features

Automatic chicken coop doors are designed to protect your flock from nighttime predators by closing at dusk and reopening at dawn. They can make your life easier by eliminating the need to open and close the coop manually. An automatic chicken coop door has to be durable and reliable, and the CH1K-SAFE coop opener meets those standards without any trouble.

But there are other specific features worth mentioning about this coop door.

Inside vs Outside

Most chicken keepers mount the door on the exterior of the coop; however, it is also possible to install the door inside while keeping the control panel outside. This method conceals most machinery, but it may be challenging to install in a smaller coop.

If you choose to install the door on the inside and the controller on the outside, you’ll still be able to use the light sensor, as its located in the controller.

Self-Locking Mechanism

The Happy Henhouse coop door has a self-locking mechanism, meaning it can not be slid open when locked into place by an intelligent predator. The lock is activated by the top lever of the door, which sinks in when the door is entirely closed. The locking mechanism does not rely on battery power to function.

the self locking mechanism in a happy henhouse coop door

Predator Proofness

The self-locking mechanism keeps the door shut and your chickens safe at night. The door can not slide open once locked, preventing raccoons or other smart predators from wiggling their fingers in between the mechanism. The door is made from a sturdy Acrylonitrile styrene acrylate, a thermoplastic known for its heavy-duty qualities, durability, and UV resistance.

Timer & Light Sensor

The CH1K-SAFE coop opener from Happy Henhouse works on both a timer and a light sensor, so you can choose which option you prefer. You can manually open and close the door at any time by pressing the ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons.

control panel of a happy henhouse chicken coop door

The light sensor can be adjusted to use the amount of daylight to activate the controller, so the door opens and closes at dawn and dusk, depending on the amount of daylight.

The controller has a 3 to 5 minutes delay when opening or closing by light level. This prevents the door from opening in the middle of the night if a bright light, like a flashlight, is pointed at the controller. The light level has to reach the desired point for at least 3 to 5 minutes for the door to open or close.

The timer lets you decide whether to keep the chickens in longer in the morning or close the door later at night. Set the time to open or close the door at any preferred time of day. The time is set to 24-hour mode.

Mix Mode

The Happy Henhouse door also provides a ‘mix’ mode option, combining both the timer and light sensor settings. In this mode, the door will use the light sensor settings as its primary reference for opening and closing. If the door hasn’t closed by the time set in timer mode, it will automatically switch to the timer mode.

Alkaline Battery Supply

The controller runs on 4 AA alkaline batteries, which have a 6-9 months lifespan. Please note that excessive use of the screen will increase battery drain. The manufacturer advises against using a 9v or lithium-ion battery. Batteries are not included in your purchase of the CH1K-SAFE coop opener.

Swapping to a DC power supply instead of batteries is impossible as the door does not provide this power usage. Only batteries can be used. The battery level can be checked at any time on the controller screen. Once the battery is empty, the LED light on the controller will start flashing to warn you to change the batteries.

batteries inside the control panel of a happy henhouse coop door

Potential Drawbacks

Although the Happy Henhouse Chicken Coop is a quality coop door, it lacks the safety stop that other competitors have. Other chicken coop doors have built-in sensors that prevent the door from closing if something (like a chicken) is blocking the door. A safety stop will automatically stop and reopen the door when something is blocking the door.

The Happy Henhouse CH1K-SAFE door does not have that feature, which is a pity because it gives most chicken keepers peace of mind that the automatic coop door won’t hurt their chickens.

That being said, while this lack of a safety stop feature can be seen as a disadvantage, it’s worth noting that the door’s unique cord system means the door will be blocked if something obstructs its path. In other words, it won’t push to close or harm any chickens that are in the way.

However, we do not recommend using this door when keeping small breeds like bantams or Silkies as they may get hurt if the door closes while they are in the way. They are not big or strong enough to carry the door’s weight.

a chicken next to the happy henhouse coop door


The door opening measures 10″ W x 12″ T. As it slides open from bottom to top, you’ll need some extra space above the door opening for the runners and the door to open. Ensure you have at least 12 inches of space above the door opening. Also, avoid having wood or screws sticking out because the door slides very close to the coop’s surface.

Ease of Installation

Installing the Happy Henhouse automatic door is a breeze, with a straightforward process that takes around 30 minutes to complete. It takes another 10-15 minutes to program the control box. It has few components so you won’t require any special skills or tools for assembly.

the installation process of the happy henhouse coop door

In general, these are the installation steps for the Happy Henhouse CH1K-SAFE:

  1. assemble the runners with the sealed screws
  2. install the left rail on the surface of the coop right next to the opening
  3. install the right rail with the door in place to get the dimensions right
  4. install the control panel and attach the pulling cord to the locking lever
  5. go through the setup wizard

After completing the task, this is what the Happy Henhouse door looks like while operating:

What’s in the Box?

The Happy Henhouse self-locking door kit comes in a nicely packed flat box. The box has several loose components, including the door, four runners, tapping screws and flat head screws, a control box with a cord, and a silicone seal.

The box does not contain 4 AA batteries or assembly tools like a screwdriver.

what's inside the box of a happy henhouse coop door

Price and Availability

You can buy the Happy Henhouse automatic coop door on their website or Amazon. The company provides free shipping for all domestic purchases over $100. Shipping costs can be changed at any time; always check before purchasing.

All major credit cards are accepted, but also PayPal, GooglePay, AmazonPay, and ApplePay. The Happy Henhouse door comes with a two-year warranty.

Happy Henhouse door
Easy to install coop door
Works on timer and light sensor

About Happy Henhouse

Happy Henhouse is a family-owned business based in Missouri that offers affordable and high-quality chicken coop door openers and accessories. They pride themselves on offering the most reliable products for small to larger farming needs. Their business started with their first flock of backyard chickens; the rest is history.

Their products are designed to be dependable and easy to operate, requiring virtually no maintenance. The Happy Henhouse team understands the importance of providing products that make chicken owners’ lives easier and ensure their beloved flocks’ safety and well-being.

By choosing a Happy Henhouse product, customers can feel confident that they are purchasing a sturdy, reliable, and affordable product from a small family business.


The Happy Henhouse coop door is an automatic door opener designed to protect your flock from nighttime predators. It has a self-locking mechanism, a weatherproof controller and uses high-quality components to ensure reliable operation. It’s easy to install and requires only minimal assembly.

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