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Chicken Name Generator – Find the Perfect Name for your Chicken

By Chicken Fans Editorial Team

Naming the chickens in your flock is fun, but finding the perfect name for the birds can be challenging. You can use the chicken name generator to spike your inspiration.


How to find a good chicken name?

Finding a good name for your bird can be challenging. Some people use traditional names, like Matilda, Berta, Cupcake, or Curry. Other people try to do the opposite and use clever, fun, or modern names.

We reviewed thousands of names and compiled our top 100 names in several categories.

Our top 100 charts of chicken names:

Overall Top Chicken NamesTop 100 Chicken Names (+ Name Generator)
Hen Names100+ Girl Chicken Names
Funny Chicken Names100+ Funny Chicken Names
Cute Chicken Names100+ Cute Chicken Names

We also compiled a couple of top chicken names in several categories:

four chickens with names blossom, daisy, white, buttercup

If you want to find your own name, here are some things to consider.

Names Based on Characteristics of a Chicken

Not all chickens are the same. Naming them after one of their characteristics can be an easy way to remember their names, especially in a large flock.

Here are some things to think about:

  • Gender: Is your chicken a hen or a rooster?
  • Size: What’s the size of your chicken? Is your chicken on the list of giant breeds, or are you naming a bantam-sized chicken?
  • Color: What’s the color of your chicken? Some people like to name their chicken White or Chocolate.
  • Pattern: What color pattern does she have? A mottled chicken can be Dotty
  • What’s the personality of your chicken? A frolic bird can be named Happy.

Here are some examples of chicken names based on characteristics:

  • Snowball: for a white Silkie
  • Speckles: for a Mille Fleur with mottling
  • Cinnamon: for a Rhode Island Red with reddish-brown feathers
  • Midnight: for a black chicken
  • Fluffy: for a chicken with fluffy feathers
  • Lacy: for a double-laced chicken

Chicken Names Based on Country

Chicken breeds all have their origins. Where is your chicken coming from?

The following table lists some examples of chicken names that are based on their country of origin.

CountryChicken BreedChicken Names
USAPlymouth Rock, Rhode Island RedDaisy, Roscoe, Betsy
FranceFrench Marans, ISA BrownColette, Pierre, Fleur
BelgiumBelgian d’UccleLisa, Lotte, or Tom
EnglandSussexDarcy, Winston, Agatha
ItalyWhite Leghorn, Brown LeghornBella, Fabio, Rosa
JapanSilkieSakura, Yuki, Hana
BrazilAraucanaRonaldo, Isabella, Luiz
SpainWhite-Faced BlackCarmen, Javier, Lucia
AustraliaAustralorpMatilda, Banjo, Ned
GermanyVorwerkFritz, Heidi, Gretel
NetherlandsNorth Holland BlueGouda, Sven, Ingrid, Lars

Names Based on the Personality of a Chicken

Most chickens have a specific personality. Even little chicks that just came out of the egg have their own quirks.

Here are some examples of personality based chicken names:

  • Happy: for a frolic bird that’s always happy an cheerful
  • Houdini: for a chicken that’s a real escape artist
  • Einstein: for the smartest chicken in the flock
  • Peaches: for a sweet and gentle chicken
  • Jumpy: for a quick and energetic chicken
  • Rocky: for a rooster that’s tough and dominant
  • Sherlock: for a chicken that’s always in strange spots
  • Cranky: for a chicken that looks grumpy

Be creative. What’s so special about the personality of your chicken and how does it differ from the group?

Chicken Names Based on Food

If you’re a foodie at heart, why not name your flock after some of your favorite foods? From Caramel to Gingerbread, there are thousands of options.

Here are some examples of chicken names based on food:

  • Biscuit: for a chicken with light-brown feathers
  • Oreo: for a chicken with black and white feathers
  • Caramel: for a chicken with brownish-golden plumage
  • Gingerbread: for a Rhode Island Red
  • Popcorn: for a cream chicken with mottling
  • Honey: for a golden or yellow chicken

You don’t have to stop at food, you can also go for your favorite drinks! Wine lovers can go for Bordeau, Merlot, or Pinot. If you are into coffee, you could go for Cappuccino or Latte. Cheese lovers can go for Stilton or Gouda.

Here are some more examples of chicken names based on drinks:

  • Mocha: for a chicken with brown and white feathers
  • Sprite: for that energetic Leghorn
  • Whiskey: for that calm chicken with golden feathers
  • Chai: for a spicy bird with reddish feathers
  • Cola: for a black Australorp
  • Latte: for a black-and-white Sussex
  • Cappuccino: for an Italian-based Leghorn

Chicken Names Based on Hobbies

Some people name their birds after something prevalent in their hobbies. If you are into music, you could go for Mozart.

Some examples of chicken names based on hobbies.

  • Picasso: for a Mille Fleur with a beautiful mottling pattern
  • Messi: for a chicken that’s always first to find food
  • Gardener: for a chicken that scratches the soil all days long
  • Chef: for a chicken that eats everything in the garden
  • Copperfield: for a chicken that always disappears
  • Delta: for a chicken that can fly high

Chicken Names Based on Famous People

Some people name their kids after famous people and celebrities, so why not name your chickens after them?

Here are some examples of chickens named after celebrities:

  • David Peck-ham: for an athletic chicken that loves to run around
  • Martha Cluck-in: for a domestic chicken that loves to sit on her eggs
  • Oprah Henfrey: for a powerful bird ahead in the pecking order
  • Beyonce Poultry: for a fierce chicken
  • Kim Kardashi-hen: for a chicken with curvy lines


Some things to take into consideration while you are brainstorming for a new name:

  • Keep it simple: pick a name that you like, and that’s easy to call, as you will use it a lot
  • Avoid offensive names: while they might sound fun in the brainstorming session, stay away from inappropriate and offensive names. Also, if you give one of your chickens the same name as a family member, they might not really like that.
  • Have fun: don’t be afraid to think of funny names. Naming should be a fun and creative process!

Did we mention that name-picking is also a fun activity to do with family and friends?

Let the kids join in on the decision!

Still looking for more?

If you’re still looking for more options, check our other compiled lists of chicken names:

Good luck picking chicken names!

Chicken Fans Editorial Team

The editorial team consists of 3rd generation chicken owners Kat, journalist, editor-in-chief, and Nick, working with illustrators and specialists in the field.