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100+ Funny Chicken Names

By Chicken Fans Editorial Team

Choosing a name for your favorite backyard pets isn't always easy. This extensive list of hilarious names will help you pick the perfect name and bring a smile to your face. Chech out our 100+ funny chicken names list!

There's nothing wrong with giving your chicken a traditional name, but if you want your backyard flock to stand out, a funny and original name is exactly what you need. It'll make your neighbors, family, and even vet giggle when calling out your chickens' names.

But there can be a fine line between funny and insulting, so be careful with picking an offending name if you don't want things to get awkward.

Whether you find inspiration in puns, wordplay, or irony, this list will motivate you to pick the best names for your backyard pets!

Or, if you're not up to choosing yourself, why not let our 'Name Generator' decide which name to choose?

Funny names for hens

  1. Sassy
  2. Eggmaker
  3. Spanx
  4. Crispy
  5. Bugeater
  6. Limpy
  7. Grandma
  8. Drumstick
  9. Puddin
  10. Butternut
  11. Peck-a-Dilly
  12. Dinner
  13. Mother Clucker
  14. Candy Floss
  15. Fluffbutt
  16. Eggs Benedict
  17. Cheese Dip
  18. Huevos
  19. Tik Tok
  20. Pumpkin
chickens outside the coop

Funny names for roosters

  1. Larry
  2. Nugget
  3. RoostieMcRooface
  4. Punky
  5. Stompy
  6. Pot Pie
  7. Burrito
  8. Peckerhead
  9. Alarm Clock
  10. Dandy
  11. Fricassee
  12. Rebel
  13. Gus
  14. Homerun
  15. Peter Pecker
  16. Bigfoot
  17. Colossus
  18. Tyson
  19. Buddy
  20. Spud

Funny Movie Character Names For Roosters

  1. Bubba
  2. Prince Akeem
  3. The Dude
  4. Bruiser
  5. Stifler
  6. Rocky
  7. Sherman
  8. MacGyver
  9. Frank The Tank
  10. Kip Dynamite
  11. Frodo
  12. Godzilla
  13. Jafar
  14. Hulk
  15. Slimer
  16. Tiny Tim
  17. Dr. Evil
  18. Darth Feather
  19. Chunk
  20. Mulder

Funny Movie Character Names For Hens

  1. Mrs. Doubtfire
  2. Princess Lay-A
  3. Mary Poopins
  4. Juno
  5. Wonder Woman
  6. Atilla The Hen
  7. Pocahontas
  8. Buffy
  9. Fat Amy
  10. Dora the Eggs-plorer
  11. Hen Solo
  12. Ace Hentura
  13. Mulan
  14. Xena
  15. Lara Croft
  16. Sugar Cane
  17. Scully
  18. Hennypenny
  19. Eleven
  20. Ariel

Funny Celebrity Names

  1. Alice Coop-er
  2. Elvis
  3. Hennifer Aniston
  4. Grace Shelley
  5. Sophia Lor-Hen
  6. Chickovsky
  7. Amelia Egghart
  8. Yolko Ono
  9. David Beakham
  10. Heidi Plume
  11. Albert Eggstein
  12. George Cluckney
  13. Oprah Henfrey
  14. Houdini
  15. Abrahen Lincoln
  16. Chick Jagger
  17. Hilary Fluff
  18. Brad Peck
  19. Hendy Warhol
  20. Lindsey Lohen

Which one to choose?

Well? Did you find something you like? If you still haven't had enough, check out our complete name guides:

'Top 100 Chicken Names'

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Or use our free 'Chicken Name Generator' to let the generator decide which name to choose for your backyard chicken.

Chicken Fans Editorial Team

The editorial team consists of 3rd generation chicken owners Kat, journalist, editor-in-chief, and Nick, working with illustrators and specialists in the field.

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